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February 24, 2008

‘Murdered Out’ Oregon uniforms not killing opponents.


The Oregon men’s basketball team has been debuting new uniform designs over the last few games, with the most recent one being a “murdered out” version where everything but the players’ numbers are blacked out. Even though they looked stealthy, the Ducks had trouble finding each other on the floor, but UCLA was definitely able to see them as the Bruins recorded a double-digit number of steals.

I get the whole part about muting out the individual players’ names on the back of the jersey, but it’s certainly not looking like a team effort. Tajuan Porter is coughing the ball up way too much, Malik Hariston isn’t getting the rock enough, Bryce Taylor’s spurts of greatness need to be unleashed more frequently, and Joevan Catron needs to help Maarty Leunen by consistently finishing when he’s in the paint. Oh, and Oregon also needs a bench with energy. Those guys seem dead, and too worried about pleasing Ernie Kent.

Let’s go Ducks! You have three games left to prove you’re worthy of the a bid in March. Put that uniform on with pride, if you can find it, and just play the game.

November 15, 2007

Clockwork Orange

Orange is NOT my favorite color! But the other night as I was watching college basketball, I was drawn to the new threads being worn by the Syracuse men’s basketball team, specifically the jerseys. They’re beautiful! The design is so plain and simple, but it just works. The colors aren’t overwhelming. The text isn’t too flashy. Everything is just bold and straightforward.


See? Beautiful.

Nike has apparently developed a new System of Dress for Syracuse and three other respected collegiate basketball programs—Arizona, Ohio State and Florida. This getup offers an assortment of undershirts and leg wraps to go with the form-fitting jerseys and the baggy shorts. The whole look will be revealed during each team’s conference tournament.

I don’t think I could ever pull off this look, but I’m sure it’ll be a hit with a baller near you. Nevertheless, in the days of throwback jerseys and reinvented team logos and color schemes, this fresh look is a hit with design savvy and nit-picky spectators like me.