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May 18, 2008

Unproductive “Wii”kends

So two weeks ago these two Japanese men randomly knocked on our door and in their thick accents they demanded that we play Wii with them. Despite their unashamed creepiness, Cody and I would both desperate and bored enough to accept their offer. I yanked the remote out of Yoshi’s hands while Cody hooked the system up to my 20″ Apex television.

We proceeded to dominate them in doubles tennis and Mario Kart. So far, I have nothing but good things to report. No abnormally large blisters on my thumbs, and only a small amount of soreness in the elbow. But what I’m most proud of so far is the 270 I bowled this morning. Put that on the board. I don’t see that score being beat for at least three days, and depending on how much time I invest, I could achieve a 300 game by the end of the month. Then, you’ll be seeing me on MTV’s second edition of TrueLife: I’m a gamer.

(This is a re-creation of what Cody and I look like playing Wii. I’m in the back.)

April 26, 2008

Unnecessary Censorship of Elmo

This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in quite some time. I saw it while watching an episode of Lost online. It’s part of a promo for the Jimmy Kimmel Show, which features a segment titled “Unnecessary Censorship.” They often feature scenes from Sesame Street, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, Barney & Friends, Blues Clues and others. I hope you enjoy it, and if you’ve got some time to kill, watch the others that have been archived on , href=””>YouTube.

April 8, 2008

The picture box is the devil.

Tonight I found myself flipping between Hell’s Kitchen and Reaper. Lately I’ve been eating dinner on the couch, in front of the TV watching either sports (NCAA basketball and MLB baseball) or artsy shows (Dancing With The Stars and American Idol). It could be worse. I could be watching Flavor of Love or The Hills or Moment of Truth.

But take another look at the two shows I caught myself watching. That’s a bad theme. Neither show was on channel 6 or 66…thank heavens! So could this be a sign? Is someone or something trying to tell me that I’m watch too much TV? Am I getting sucked in to the temptation of the airwaves? Are they giving me a false, but hollow sense of pleasure?

Yes, and that someone or something that’s pointing this out is my own brain. It’s suffocating inside my head because it lacks educational and creative stimulation. Maybe that’s why I went to Borders today to look at Spanish dictionaries and tutorials (I won a $25 gift card on concert t-shirt spirit day). But it doesn’t stop there. I also got myself into Sudoku puzzles after seeing someone on the bus working on one…and guess what, I solved a couple!

On the weekends I’m trying to stay active, but on the weekdays I just get home from work and lay on the couch until it’s time to lay in bed. That needs to change, and it starts with boycotting that cube of doom in my living room.

March 5, 2008

a pot of gold at the end of a reading rainbow

I’ve never been much of a reader, but the other day I went to Powell’s, and I actually bought a book without any recommendation or previous knowledge of it…an impluse buy. Sure, I had an encounter with a girl there, but that’s not something I should blog about, in the name of not being creepy.

Uggh, me, me, me. The book. It’s called Rock On: An Office Power Ballad by Dan Kennedy. He actually autographed this copy.

Anyway, it’s his story about landing a job in the music industry at a record label in NYC. It’s just an everyday story told in an everyday voice. I’m only 40 pages in, but so far this is why I like it:

1. The narrator/author used to be a copywriter in the ad industry.
2. He mentioned Oregon.
3. He mentioned Genesis, the band, not the bible thing.
4. He makes list.
5. He talks about giving women nicknames based on first impressions or encounters.

I laughed out loud when he mentioned something about people with glasses looking smart no matter what they’re doing, and I’ve totally been thinking about getting glasses.

February 23, 2008

Steve Nash pollutes Craig Seger’s hanky, promotes green sneakers

Steve Nash is slowly becoming one of my favorite professional athletes, and the Phoenix Suns have become one of the most exciting teams to watch in the NBA. I caught this interview between he and Craig Seger during the 2008 NBA All-Star game.

So basically Steve borrows Craig’s flashy handkerchief, then calls him “Bro” and then promotes his recycled sneaker called Trash Talk, made by Nike, and jokes about his new teammate Shaq. Is there a better made-for-TV moment?

February 12, 2008

Get me on the courts!


If felt like forever since I prowled a tennis court, but I finally did last night. It was dry and not as cold as it has been lately, so Cody and I decided to hit some balls around after the Blazer game.

We were both pretty rusty, but we drew a crowd of three: a mom, a dad and their toddler. After five rounds of collecting eight balls, and only two decent rallies, we called it quits. I would have really liked to get a set in, but I probably wouldn’t have been able to get my serve warmed up.

I guess I’d have to say I was most impressed with how I was able to place the ball when I tried. I also had a few good backhands, including a really sweet backhand volley. These are all things I’m starting to take note of as I try to determine my official NTRP skill level. Right now I think I am a 3.0, but last summer and into the fall I think I was playing consistently at a 3.5 level. I would like to reach 4.5 by the end of this summer. I think that would be a big step, but also a very attainable goal. However, I feel that this can only be achieved if I obtain a Babolat Pure Drive Roddick Plus racquet.

Here is how the levels are paraphrased on Tennisopolis:

You are fairly consistent when hitting medium-paced shots, but are not comfortable with all strokes and lack execution when trying for directional control, depth, or power. Your most common doubles formation is one-up, one-back.

You have achieved improved stroke dependability with directional control on moderate shots, but need to develop depth and variety. You exhibit more aggressive net play, have improved court coverage and are developing teamwork in doubles.

You have dependable strokes, including directional control and depth on both forehand and backhand sides on moderate-paced shots. You can use lobs, overheads, approach shots and volleys with some success and occasionally force errors when serving. Rallies may be lost due to impatience. Teamwork in doubles is evident.

You have developed your use of power and spin and can handle pace. You have sound footwork, can control depth of shots, and attempt to vary game plan according to your opponents. You can hit first serves with power and accuracy and place the second serve. You tend to overhit on difficult shots. Aggressive net play is common in doubles.

February 4, 2008

My Favorite Super Bowl XLII Ads

Ok, so I just want to get these out there. I didn’t really see a lot of amazing spots this year. The ones that really stuck with me were the E*Trade spots with the baby. The funny dialogue really made these work, and the little extras woven in, such as the spitting up and the creepy clown.

I also enjoyed the Planters ad and the spot for the Toyota Corolla, although I thought it it could have been executed better. But the ones I really liked were not new for the Super Bowl. They were the Doritos ad and the Tide ad (a previous Ad Crush).

January 19, 2008

Ad Crush:


I caught a great spot for that aired during American Idol. It featured a tall man with extremely large legs walking around town. The commercial told a story. It reminded me of a Super Bowl ad. Someone finally posted it online, so here it is, and here is the Ad Week article.

Agency: BBDO
Director: Rupert Sanders.

January 10, 2008

All Aboard!


As the John Denver song goes: “I’m leavin’ on a jet train/but I’ll be back in two day-eee-yays.”

Yes, tomorrow I will travel by train for the first time, and as you can tell from the picture above, I’m all set! I’ve learned a lot about trains over the years, from Thomas the Train, to Mr. Rogers and the Neighborhood Trolley, to The Little Engine That Could (still my favorite book to this day), to the movie Throw Mama From The Train with Danny DeVito and Billy Crystal, to the band Train who performs a song about my mom, Virginia.

But I don’t think any of those ever went to the magical land of Tacoma, Washington. If they did, I certainly wasn’t on one. That’s the destination. There I will be visiting my friends Nichole and Matt, who moved there last summer. It won’t just be me. My good friend from high school, Laura, is the one who got the ball rolling. She is continuing on to Seattle to visit some friends. We’ll be meeting up in Seattle on Saturday to hang out with our other friend Patrick.

It has the potential to be a blast. I’ve only been to Sea-Tac Airport and Safeco Field, but I have yet to explore Seattle. Hopefully Matt will not be a blouse and get over his cold. And hopefully all the other Amtrak passengers will keep their hands to themselves, except for Laura.

I’ll to post a special From Da Train entry when I get back to Portland.  There’s sure to be some interesting things to report from the tracks.


(Have you been noticing that I’ve been ending a lot of my entry titles with exclamation points? I think it’s because I do a lot of e-mail yelling.)

January 8, 2008

Stv Mllr ready!!! Gladiator hotty!!!


Before I start blabbing about my infatuation with one of the new lady Gladiators, I should preface by just saying that the second-coming of American Gladiators lives up to the original. I wouldn’t say it blows the original out of the water, but the show certainly has aged well, and in some ways reinvented itself…with the help of Hulk Hogan and Laila Ali, of course.

To be completely honest, Crush is going to be reason why I’ll be watching every Monday night. Her real name is Gina Carano and she is a 25-year-old MMA fighter from Las Vegas. She’s also a knockout with a solid frame. One of her legs would probably last me a year if we got in a plane crash and I had to eat. That’s the sort of thing I look for in a woman. It’s even more important than the mother-daughter so-this-is-what-she’s-gonna-look-like-in-30- years comparison.

So let’s review:
-I wish I was in good enough shape to wrestle with big dudes in spandex.
-I don’t mind women with a little meat on their bones, as long as it’s life-sustaining muscle.
-Ladies, just a heads up, I’m gonna be giving you mama the once over.