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June 2, 2008

Tuned in: One eskimO on Passport Approved

I got my first taste of One eskimO on my drive home yesterday. They were featured on Passport Approved, a syndicated radio program that features emerging international bands that have yet to receive much recognition stateside.

One eskimO reminds me of the Gorillaz in that each band member is portrayed as an animated character. I’m hoping these guys get more exposure and grace a few more ears. They’ve really delighted mine so far. And if that’s not enough, their music video for “Hometime” will stimulate your eyes. Take a look:

February 10, 2008

My prescription is more Helio Sequence


Despite Cody’s lingering hangover, he and I made it to Music Millennium to see the Helio Sequence perform on Saturday. I’d never seen an in-store there, so I had no idea they were gonna clear out the loft upstairs and have everyone gather in the aisles of the store. Some people probably still have sore necks from having to look straight up. I eventually made it to the elevated aisle at the side of the store. The view was perfect so I snapped a picture with my one-megapixel camera phone. They were loud and energetic, but not nearly as intense as they were at the Crystal Ballroom. They’re gonna play there again next month. Here’s what I remember them playing last night:

-Can’t Say No
-The Captive Mind
-You Can Come To Me
-Shed Your Love
-Keep You Eyes Ahead
-Broken Afternoon

January 16, 2008

Vibra-slap hits


I heard a couple songs today that feature the vibra-slap. They are:”Side” – Travis

“Teenagers” – My Chemical Romance

January 16, 2008

I like to play.

This isn’t actually me shredding. I saw it on YouTube, and it instantly made me want to pull up the Justin Timberlake tracks I have hidden away on my computer.

January 10, 2008

All Aboard!


As the John Denver song goes: “I’m leavin’ on a jet train/but I’ll be back in two day-eee-yays.”

Yes, tomorrow I will travel by train for the first time, and as you can tell from the picture above, I’m all set! I’ve learned a lot about trains over the years, from Thomas the Train, to Mr. Rogers and the Neighborhood Trolley, to The Little Engine That Could (still my favorite book to this day), to the movie Throw Mama From The Train with Danny DeVito and Billy Crystal, to the band Train who performs a song about my mom, Virginia.

But I don’t think any of those ever went to the magical land of Tacoma, Washington. If they did, I certainly wasn’t on one. That’s the destination. There I will be visiting my friends Nichole and Matt, who moved there last summer. It won’t just be me. My good friend from high school, Laura, is the one who got the ball rolling. She is continuing on to Seattle to visit some friends. We’ll be meeting up in Seattle on Saturday to hang out with our other friend Patrick.

It has the potential to be a blast. I’ve only been to Sea-Tac Airport and Safeco Field, but I have yet to explore Seattle. Hopefully Matt will not be a blouse and get over his cold. And hopefully all the other Amtrak passengers will keep their hands to themselves, except for Laura.

I’ll to post a special From Da Train entry when I get back to Portland.  There’s sure to be some interesting things to report from the tracks.


(Have you been noticing that I’ve been ending a lot of my entry titles with exclamation points? I think it’s because I do a lot of e-mail yelling.)

December 13, 2007



-I left my iPod at the ‘rents. Thus, I was without entertainment and my first line of defense against chatty weirdos.

-Since I had nothing to plug my ears with, I overheard two grown men talking about dark chocolate.

-Then last night, a man and a woman were faintly talking about snow storms and mutual friends. I was in between them and I could hardly hear a damn thing. I think my ears are shot.

-But sometimes people communicate with just a stare; so headphones or no headphones, I could tell exactly what this person was saying with her eyes. She was sitting alone with a small lunch box in her lap and a large shopping bag in between her seat and the open seat next to her. Another woman boarded the bus, and with plenty of available seats to choose from, she opted for the one next to the first woman. She moved the bag with a slight hesitation to communicate the inconvenience, and when she could see the unwanted neighbor didn’t notice, she sighed and followed that with a long stare. It was filled with anger and disbelief. It really said everything, and I heard it all. Unfortunately, it wasn’t loud enough for the woman right next to her to hear.

November 28, 2007

Bachelor Living

I’m always curious about what other “normal” people do when they get off work. It’s not creepy. Creepy is if I ride the same bus as that person and then camp out in front of their house with a telescope. Most people don’t want to bore someone else with the details of every little thing that they did that day. They’ve deemed those things irrelevant and uninteresting. Usually there’s no time to expand on these minor events. Well guess what people, you’re gonna get a taste of Steverino’s everyday. I’m fulfilling every stalker’s dream. I’ll try to make it easy to follow along.

The following events occurred on Tuesday, November 27th between the hours of 5pm and 11pm:

I got off work at approximately 5:35pm. I walked to the bank to deposit my transportation reimbursement check. Then I checked out this fancy men’s clothing shop in the Pearl and talked to the guy about an $800 coat I saw in the window.

I took the bus home.

When I got off the bus I picked up a take-out menu from a Thai restaurant on Stark, just a few blocks from my apt. I called my dad on the way home and we talked about how cold it’s getting and how hot it is to defrost the Ghia. I got home and read a few blogs while I thawed out in my room. I wrote out a shopping list and then Cody and I headed down to Fred Meyer.

We checked if they had any Nintendo Wii’s. Nope. Then I proceeded to shop for groceries while Cody wandered aimlessly through the store complaining about the price of Diet Pepsi and the lack of selection in the bacon department.

Then we got food at Pepinos. Mmmm. We took the food home and ate it while we watched Beauty and the Geek, Family Guy, a second of London Ink (boring!), Chuck and Reaper. Cody hung up or dartboard, even though we don’t have any darts.

I checked on my fantasy teams, downloaded some music, updated my iPod and then went to bed.

November 28, 2007

Noise: Radiohead – In Rainbows



This is the newest series of notes, beats and melodies to join my music collection. It only took me a month and a half, but I finally took part in music and marketing history. In case you’ve been in a hole, the band offered this album exclusively on its website and it let the consumer determine its value.


I paid 2.45 Lysol L’s (pounds) for it, including the transaction fee, and I was instantly able to download the ZIP file. As a bonus, my conscience remained clear.


I am by no means an avid Radiohead fan. I have OK Computer on my playlist, but I can only estimate that I’ve listened to it a dozen times.


My favorite track on In Rainbows is “Jigsaw Falling Into Place,” but maybe the catchiest track is “Reckoner.”

November 6, 2007

What the SCROLL???


My Apple Mighty Mouse is weak. The scroll wheel will only go up, left and right. I can’t zoom out of maps, breeze through my iTunes playlist or revisit those nasty comments I sent a few minutes ago on iChat. This is worse than when the lights in my L.A. Gears burnt out in second grade— I didn’t think anything could beat that.

October 30, 2007

Robert Goulet (1933-2007)


Described as a living 8×10 glossy photo, Robert Goulet “did the music world a friggin’ service” before passing away today at the age of 73. My first exposure to Mr. Goulet came from the SNL skit where he was portrayed by Will Ferrell. I then recreated that impersonation of Mr. G for Halloween 2005. His flesh will be missed, but his legacy will live forever. Baa baa baa bee daa dee doo…immortality…Goulet!