a pot of gold at the end of a reading rainbow

I’ve never been much of a reader, but the other day I went to Powell’s, and I actually bought a book without any recommendation or previous knowledge of it…an impluse buy. Sure, I had an encounter with a girl there, but that’s not something I should blog about, in the name of not being creepy.

Uggh, me, me, me. The book. It’s called Rock On: An Office Power Ballad by Dan Kennedy. He actually autographed this copy.

Anyway, it’s his story about landing a job in the music industry at a record label in NYC. It’s just an everyday story told in an everyday voice. I’m only 40 pages in, but so far this is why I like it:

1. The narrator/author used to be a copywriter in the ad industry.
2. He mentioned Oregon.
3. He mentioned Genesis, the band, not the bible thing.
4. He makes list.
5. He talks about giving women nicknames based on first impressions or encounters.

I laughed out loud when he mentioned something about people with glasses looking smart no matter what they’re doing, and I’ve totally been thinking about getting glasses.


4 Comments to “a pot of gold at the end of a reading rainbow”

  1. do u wear prescription lenses?? because my friend… i have just the thing for you…Zenni optical. my buddy chase told me about it. just google it up. you can get a pair of glasses for like 8 holla-dollas. iand it only takes like 2 weeks to get them. and my new ones are rad!

    now if that doesnt sound like something i was paid to say, i dont know what does…

    however i was not paid to advertise for zenni optical. but i probably should be.

  2. You should let me borrow the book when you’re done. Also, I’m putting Candy Girl next on your ‘to read’ list for you, no arguing.

  3. I just read 200 pages of a John Grisham Non Fiction Book. No big deal. Also, my blog hit 120 the other day, and 81 the next. no big deal.

  4. You should read “Not That You Asked” by Steve Almond. It’s that book that I bought a few months ago. Anways, it’s good and the guy totally writes like a copywriter.

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