Blog Browsing on a Sunday Night

Technically it’s very early on Monday morning, and the only reason I’m not in bed is because I get President’s Day off. So, instead of streaming illegal copies of new movies I decided to surf the net for other entertainment…legal entertainment.

First I found this Baby Care Primer (courtesy of FiveJs), which I plan on passing on to my boss, who is expecting her first child in a few weeks. Then I found The Lego Master blog belonging to the son of the FiveJs blogger. A cool blog, especially for a 10 year-old. Back when I played with Legos, I didn’t have worldwide forums that I could display my creations on.

But the thing I was most impressed with was a “lost in translation” project/assignment that I found on Addison Road. The example they provided is called A Wicked Deception, produced by Blame Society Productions. Here’s how you make a video like the one above:

Step 1: Write a short script
Step 2: Translate that script from English to French, using Babelfish
Step 3: Then into German
Step 4: Then back into French
Step 5: Then back into English
Step 6: Then film it.


One Comment to “Blog Browsing on a Sunday Night”

  1. awesomeness. i may have to steal this for my own.

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