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December 27, 2007

Yummy in my Tummy-san


Cody and I were starving so we decided to hit up one of his favorite lunch spots, Masu East (not listed on the website, but located on SE 28th between Burnside and Stark).

We both ate like bums and got the Kobe Beef Burger. Not because it’s a familiar entree, but because it’s damn good! We also split an order of California rolls. Those were also unbelievably fresh and delicious, and I’m not even a sushi eater. Hell, I can’t even name half the stuff they put in them. There’s banana in it somewhere, right? I think I’m already wrong…

The staff one this side of the river also seems to be a lot nicer, maybe because I visited the Masu in downtown with Mike and Jake, and they look like trouble.

Eat here.

December 22, 2007

Short Story

One upon I time I thought a good storyline was developing. Then I realized it was just a bunch of fiction with a good hook that sucked me in. Some told me to keep reading. I say it’s the end.

December 20, 2007




The other night I had to take the bus home after a Blazer game. I got the MAX at the Rose Garden and got off between 3rd and 4th Street to catch my normal bus. It was rainy, so I sat on the bench in the shelter. Of course, no one else wanted any part in sitting next to me, or even under the shelter. I guess it’s because I look so suspicious with my hood on.The other night I had to take the bus home after a Blazer game. I got the MAX at the Rose Garden and got off between 3rd and 4th Street to catch my normal bus. It was rainy, so I sat on the bench in the shelter. Of course, no one else wanted any part in sitting next to me, or even under the shelter. I guess it’s because I look so suspicious with my hood on.

Finally, a large gentleman got under the shelter. His main objective was checking the bus schedule; staying dry was just a bonus. He smelled like bologna and Fritos, a combination I have smelled before.

As I raised my head to see whose scent that was, a flash of light whisked through my line of sight like a shooting star. But it wasn’t a piece of space debris burning up in the atmosphere, oh no, it was a cigarette butt, and it landed two feet in front of me. It was from the hootrats standing  by the building. I thanked them with a stare.

More and more people gathered around and under the bus shelter, including one guy who stood right in front of me, and over the extinguished cancer straw. He asked another man standing beside me if he could use his phone “to call Tri-Met and check on the time.” The “connected” man gave him a funny look and replied, “it’ll be here.” I almost chimed in with a studio audience “Ooooo!” or a little “fight, fight, fight!” chant, but I just stayed quiet.

December 18, 2007

Paper or Plastic or Whole Grain?

Something is terribly wrong with me. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been feeling really exhausted lately, or just the fact that I have yet to visit the gym after signing up right after Thanksgiving, but tonight I went grocery shopping, and everything I bought was healthy.

I’m just going to post the receipt and let you see for yourself. May I just point out that about half the list is made up of produce. Also, as a loud and proud carnivore, I think I had to ask someone to pick out my Gardenbugers (WTF?) for me and carry them to the line. It just seemed sacrilegious. That was the last thing I got before checking out and that whole time period is kind of fuzzy in my mind.


To be completely honest, I felt really confident walking around with a basket of healthy food; so much so that I struck up a conversation with the checker, Erin. This could be a very dangerous lifestyle change.

December 18, 2007

But really now, we’re having fun here.

My company just threw a holiday party. It was a good time, and as I reflected on how fun it was, I realized that I’ve been working there for six months now. So much has changed, but at the same time, so much has stayed the same.

For one, the weather has changed. It was sunny and dry outside, but I was hesitant to wear shorts and flip-flops because I was new. We’ve also grown in size. There have probably been about 40-50 new hires throughout our offices. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know some of them. Of course, the UO Ad Class of ’06 is taking over with Heather being the latest addition, and then there’s my boy Nick, the UO athletics recruiting expert, who I never knew at school. Two of them now form the other half of The Four Corners, the little desk island in the middle of our floor the Jackson and I founded. Speaking of Jack, I’ve learned how to tolerate Beavers, but only because they’ve been pretty humble about the Civil War loss and their national championship baseball team, and they’ve been through adversity too (see: Alexis Cerna).

But at the same time, I’m glad I’m not a Beaver. I wouldn’t be able to wear Halloween colors all the time. And even though the company has grown, it still feels very familiar. On top of that, I’ve been able to get to know a lot of people from other departments through softball, fantasy football, happy hours and parties. Most importantly, and maybe most surprisingly, I don’t hate Mike. Sure we work on different floors, but we go to lunch together and IM almost everyday. You’d think it would get old, but it hasn’t so far. He’s like that barbeque that you’ve had forever. The grill might be give off a funky taste sometimes from cooking all those burgers (or writing all those blogs), but it still fires up everytime.

Out of college, I wanted to find a place where I could grow in a professional setting, but I also wanted to have fun. So far I’ve been able to do that here.

December 17, 2007

Double-O Stephen


I just got done watching The Bourne Ultimatum. Good flick. I’ve enjoyed the entire series so far. There’s tons of action and with everything that we see, it makes me believe the CIA could really be like that. Every time I watch a movie like this—or Chuck—I tell myself that I should be a CIA officer. I think I could handle it. Here’s a list of some of my positive attributes that make me qualified for that line of work:

1. I am fluent in English.

2. I can understand Spanish pretty well. Speaking is another story.

3. I’m not too flashy. Most of those guys look like average Joes with a few noticable muscles.

4. I can wear dark colors (thanks Head & Shoulders).

5. I’m a fairly good driver. Only one speeding ticket (which I’m sure the CIA is fine with) and no accidents (which they might hold against me, actually).

6. I have a good sense of direction.

7. I can always remember a familiar face (and name if I wasn’t inebriated when we first met).

8. I don’t eat a lot, which means more time to meet the objective.

9. I like girls (as for as I know, most secret agents lead a heterosexual lifestyle).

10. I am good with technology.

11. I’m a people person.

I did think of a couple things they could hold against me:

1. I sleep a lot.

2. I take a lot of bathroom breaks.

3. It’s hard for people to take me seriously.

December 13, 2007



-I left my iPod at the ‘rents. Thus, I was without entertainment and my first line of defense against chatty weirdos.

-Since I had nothing to plug my ears with, I overheard two grown men talking about dark chocolate.

-Then last night, a man and a woman were faintly talking about snow storms and mutual friends. I was in between them and I could hardly hear a damn thing. I think my ears are shot.

-But sometimes people communicate with just a stare; so headphones or no headphones, I could tell exactly what this person was saying with her eyes. She was sitting alone with a small lunch box in her lap and a large shopping bag in between her seat and the open seat next to her. Another woman boarded the bus, and with plenty of available seats to choose from, she opted for the one next to the first woman. She moved the bag with a slight hesitation to communicate the inconvenience, and when she could see the unwanted neighbor didn’t notice, she sighed and followed that with a long stare. It was filled with anger and disbelief. It really said everything, and I heard it all. Unfortunately, it wasn’t loud enough for the woman right next to her to hear.

December 13, 2007

Why didn’t I go to UW?

Oh yeah, this is why:

It’s like it never ends.

December 11, 2007

Kenny vs. Spenny



What can I say about this show? It’s the most brilliant form of stupid humor I’ve ever seen! Cody mentioned this show produced by Matt Stone and Trey Parker. I found it online and instantly got hooked. I guess episodes new and old are now being shown on Comedy Central.

The whole basis of this show is two guys live together and compete against each other. Kenny reminds me of an irritating and demented George Clooney. He is prone to cheating and annoying Spenny. Spenny, on the other hand, is more like a tightly spun Pee Wee Herman type with a Jerry Seinfeld whine that gets easily frustrated and offended.

So far, my favorite episode has been the “Who Can Blow the Biggest Fart?” competition. Here is a clip of the scene that left me with a stomach pain and a headache from all the laughter. Enjoy!

December 6, 2007




This week I encountered a lot of interesting characters on the bus. A couple of them happened to be the drivers.On a foggy Thursday morning, as we crossed the Morrison bridge into downtown Portland, the bus driver exclaimed, “I shouldn’t have watched Stephen King’s ‘The Mist’ last night.” That got a surprisingly energetic reaction from the passengers, considering it was so early in the morning.

My driver on Wednesday night wasn’t afraid to drive and entertain either. He reeled off a half-dozen jokes. Three of the funnies had to do with President Bush, which the democratic crowd enjoyed.

As more people boarded the bus, the jokes got less political, but arguably more riske. One was about three surgeons in a bar, and right before I got off there was an epic joke about an American in Shetland having a sexy party with one of the natives. But my favorite was definitely the recycled ha-ha that went something like this:

“I got home and my wife said ‘take off my blouse.’ So I did. Then she said, ‘take off my skirt.’ So I did.  Finally she said, ‘don’t you ever wear my clothes again!'” Ha! Knee slapper!

Guy with parrot hat bragging about his hat collection.

This morning we also had a guy with a stuffed parrot hat. No a real parrot, but a plush, colorful parrot that was about a foot tall. He wasn’t all there, but that didn’t stop him from striking up a convo with one of the girls next to him. He proceeded to tell her that he was a bell ringer (I guessing for the Salvation Army) and his collection of plush animal hats bring in a lot of donations. Whatever works for you buddy. Somebody needs to put the parrot and the Cuckoo back in the cage.