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November 28, 2007

Bachelor Living

I’m always curious about what other “normal” people do when they get off work. It’s not creepy. Creepy is if I ride the same bus as that person and then camp out in front of their house with a telescope. Most people don’t want to bore someone else with the details of every little thing that they did that day. They’ve deemed those things irrelevant and uninteresting. Usually there’s no time to expand on these minor events. Well guess what people, you’re gonna get a taste of Steverino’s everyday. I’m fulfilling every stalker’s dream. I’ll try to make it easy to follow along.

The following events occurred on Tuesday, November 27th between the hours of 5pm and 11pm:

I got off work at approximately 5:35pm. I walked to the bank to deposit my transportation reimbursement check. Then I checked out this fancy men’s clothing shop in the Pearl and talked to the guy about an $800 coat I saw in the window.

I took the bus home.

When I got off the bus I picked up a take-out menu from a Thai restaurant on Stark, just a few blocks from my apt. I called my dad on the way home and we talked about how cold it’s getting and how hot it is to defrost the Ghia. I got home and read a few blogs while I thawed out in my room. I wrote out a shopping list and then Cody and I headed down to Fred Meyer.

We checked if they had any Nintendo Wii’s. Nope. Then I proceeded to shop for groceries while Cody wandered aimlessly through the store complaining about the price of Diet Pepsi and the lack of selection in the bacon department.

Then we got food at Pepinos. Mmmm. We took the food home and ate it while we watched Beauty and the Geek, Family Guy, a second of London Ink (boring!), Chuck and Reaper. Cody hung up or dartboard, even though we don’t have any darts.

I checked on my fantasy teams, downloaded some music, updated my iPod and then went to bed.

November 28, 2007

Noise: Radiohead – In Rainbows



This is the newest series of notes, beats and melodies to join my music collection. It only took me a month and a half, but I finally took part in music and marketing history. In case you’ve been in a hole, the band offered this album exclusively on its website and it let the consumer determine its value.


I paid 2.45 Lysol L’s (pounds) for it, including the transaction fee, and I was instantly able to download the ZIP file. As a bonus, my conscience remained clear.


I am by no means an avid Radiohead fan. I have OK Computer on my playlist, but I can only estimate that I’ve listened to it a dozen times.


My favorite track on In Rainbows is “Jigsaw Falling Into Place,” but maybe the catchiest track is “Reckoner.”

November 26, 2007



From Portland en route to San Francisco I discovered the upbeat track “Hi-Speed Soul” by Nada Surf from the album Let Go.

There were two newly recruited soldiers on that first flight.

I was also able to watch The Office on that plane, as it was the only one with TV monitors.

On the plane from Frisco to PDX one of our flight attendants looked like Hiro from Heroes.

My dad sit next to a girl that almost got sick.

Out of four separate flights, I was only offered a bag of pretzels on one.

I only hit my head once.

I witnessed no Mile-High Club meetings.

November 17, 2007

Caulifornia here I come!


I need a vacation, and I’m taking one! I can’t remember the last break I’ve had, but next week I will be in Southern California with swimmin’ pools and movie stars. What will I be doing? Visiting the sis, visiting family, and eating (Thanksgiving dinner and a lot of In-N-Out Burger). Dad flew out today; Mom and I will be leaving very early Tuesday morning. I can’t wait to see the ground I was plucked from. See you in 10 pounds…I mean days.

November 16, 2007



– A pair of Coors Light pajama pants, worn by an adult male.

– A “Fuck Work” sticker on a guitar case that I did not agree with entirely.

– A chapter in a book called “Pooping.”

– The Friday sports section of the Oregonian was waiting for this grieving Duck fan when he got on the bus this morning.

November 15, 2007


Dennis has left the building, and my once mighty Oregon football squad has ducked out of the national spotlight. This time the BCS didn’t screw us over. This time we screwed ourselves over. And injuries didn’t help. Neither did our helpless back-up quarterback. It’s not entirely his fault. This system wasn’t made for him. But where was our defense? Sure we held them to three points in the second half, but why couldn’t we stop them in the first half?

We all saw the way Oregon collapsed after Dixon left the game, and we can all see what a huge part of the team he is. I still feel he should win the Heisman simply because of the impact he has on this team.

It’s still not over; we have a conference title and a spot in the Rose Bowl to fight for. I just wish we had more than two games, or better yet, as Cody suggested, a time machine.

November 15, 2007

Clockwork Orange

Orange is NOT my favorite color! But the other night as I was watching college basketball, I was drawn to the new threads being worn by the Syracuse men’s basketball team, specifically the jerseys. They’re beautiful! The design is so plain and simple, but it just works. The colors aren’t overwhelming. The text isn’t too flashy. Everything is just bold and straightforward.


See? Beautiful.

Nike has apparently developed a new System of Dress for Syracuse and three other respected collegiate basketball programs—Arizona, Ohio State and Florida. This getup offers an assortment of undershirts and leg wraps to go with the form-fitting jerseys and the baggy shorts. The whole look will be revealed during each team’s conference tournament.

I don’t think I could ever pull off this look, but I’m sure it’ll be a hit with a baller near you. Nevertheless, in the days of throwback jerseys and reinvented team logos and color schemes, this fresh look is a hit with design savvy and nit-picky spectators like me.

November 11, 2007

Second the BEST!


Somehow and some way my University of Oregon Ducks were not leapfrogged last weekend. Praise the Millrace!The Fightin’ Phil Knights had a bye week but thanks to Illinois, which upset then-No. 1 Ohio State, we’re in the passenger seat to the BCS Championship. For the first time since 2002, Oregon is No.2 in the nation. But last time we were No.2 we got screwed out of the championship game and had to settle with demolishing Colorado.

Not this time! This time we’re going to run the table with authority! This time our Heisman candidate is going to get himself and his team the respect they deserve! This time Oregon is going to play in a bowl game that has nothing to with tortilla chips!

November 6, 2007

What the SCROLL???


My Apple Mighty Mouse is weak. The scroll wheel will only go up, left and right. I can’t zoom out of maps, breeze through my iTunes playlist or revisit those nasty comments I sent a few minutes ago on iChat. This is worse than when the lights in my L.A. Gears burnt out in second grade— I didn’t think anything could beat that.

November 1, 2007



This week I’ve decided to provide you with a diagram that illustrates how to effectively catch the attention of a bus operator in a departing bus.


Diagram 1
If you run up to a departing bus and stop at the door, it’s likely that the operator will not see you in his or her periphral vision and speed away.


Diagram 2
Instead of running up to the door of the bus and risking the chance of being unseen, run ahead of the bus and into the operator’s line of sight.