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September 28, 2007

Bring it!!!


This is a little debate ESPN’s First Take (formerly Cold Pizza) put together featuring a nervous, unprepared, unoriginal and lost-for-words student reporter and a well-rehearsed, laid-back, quick-witted Oregon Daily Emerald sports writer. Had I decided to stay in school for two more years and continue on the sports journalism path, that might have been me. Go Ducks!

September 28, 2007



Last week Mike helped me come to the realization that in order for this to be a segment I have to produce recurring installments. Monica ferociously reinforced those claims a few days ago. With that I’m pleased to announce the birth of “From da Bus” Fridays. Neat…

Since the first entry was a trial version—a pilot episode, if you will—I am numbering this post 001. It’s unlikely that I’ll be riding the bus for 999 weeks, but if that does happen then this numbering format is fudged!

-Here’s what I observed since my last installment:

-One amazing hand-carved wooden cane.

-Nine pairs of Chuck Taylors.

-Two scrunched shoulders (mine).

-Twenty billion germ colonies (I’ve started taking Emergen-C to help build my immune system. I also think I’m developing OCD because I wash my hands when I get off the bus.).

-Six people on their cellies at the same time (that was against the rules if you were aboard LTD in Eugene).

-On guy that looked like he was going to vomit.

-Ten distinct body odors.

The Burnside Bridge is closed so we’ve been detouring over the Morrison Bridge. It makes the ride longer, which just means more time for me to observe. Sorry Mon, no poem this time.

September 26, 2007

Mikey Does Helens!


Tomorrow Mike is venturing off to the danger zone. He’s going to conquer Mount St. Helens. Wearing a helmet is recommended, but who needs to protect your head when you two-day old iPhone provides superior peace of mind? Ascending 4,500ft in five miles is a walk in the park, but try doing that and searching for the helicopter evacuation emergency phone number at the same time. That takes skill. Have fun dude, and don’t wake up the old lady.

September 26, 2007

Thank you.


On the 26th of September I achieved a new high for visitors. But I don’t feel like I generated those hits by myself. Heck, I didn’t even post a new entry that day. I have to admit, some of the content on here is pretty addicting, and the words can be contagious. I definitely have to give some credit to my friends and fellow bloggers, who have done nothing but support me through the good times and the bad times. Mike, Mario, Monica, Heather and Pat have all showed me love and generated some serious traffic. If I left you out, then get with the program and start plugging this!


September 24, 2007

Is that a banana in your hand or are you just eating healthy?

Well it was both actually. For the first time in a few months I ate a whole banana. I’ve always had trouble eating a banana in its entirety. I don’t know if it was the shape, the texture or what, but it was a tough thing to put away. But yes, tonight it happened while I watched Monday Night Football, and only two hours after I heated up leftover pizza for dinner.

I’d welcome the argument that I’m not eating very healthy, but the point is I’m eating HEALTHIER. On Saturday, I had a Subway sandwich instead of the perfect hangover cure known as Jack in the Box (but that night I spent $10 on glorified junk food at Burgerville). Then on Sunday I chose to have soup aside my burger instead of fries or tots. And that night for dinner I had a salad and a burrito…with rice in it. For dessert I wanted to have strawberries, but they went bad, so I settled for a chocolate-chip cookie…with walnuts!

It’s all about baby steps people. That’s key. You can’t get to the top of the mountain without climbing in the helicopter first. I’ll try to update you on my flight to the summit.

September 17, 2007


I just watched an episode of Top Gear on BBC America. At first I just thought it was another silly Brit-com, but when I was able to understand their humor, I knew it was something much better. The old guys that host it are hilarious and really good drivers too. I like that they’ll get behind the wheel of anything and turn it into a crazy drive.

Check out this soccer game they staged between VW Foxes and Toyota Aygos. I love love to buy 10 old compacts and do something like this in a Costco parking lot.

(I recommend pushing the mute button.)

September 13, 2007

Big-league prank

Cody told me about this a couple days ago, and I came across it on Whip It Out Comedy.

Here’s the prank, presented by College Humor.

I will get the embeded video up later.

September 12, 2007

I’m stumped.

WordPress offers its users tools to help them track the traffic of their blogs. One thing it shows is the search engine terms people use that result in your blog popping up.

Apparently my The 9th Month entry was the bait. Yesterday someone pulled up my blog by asking “why is september called the 9th month?”

I’m speechless. According to Mike (and Wikipedia), September was the 7th month in the Roman calendar (suck it Trebek!). That just gave stupidity a few style points.

September 11, 2007

Stars, Stripes, Silence & Kanye

AmflagSix years ago the United States of America stared tragedy in the eye. It was a rough time with so many unknowns. Sorry for the understatement, but in a way nobody could express how horrible it was. I remember where I was when it happened, probably just like so many other Americans…and so many other inhabitants of this large planet.

I was on my way to the Toyota dealer before school to take my 1984 Corolla in for work. I think the head gasket blew out on me. My dad and I heard a plane crashed near the Pentagon. We thought it was just a little Cessna commuter plane of some sort. But as we sat in the dealership’s waiting room we discovered things were far worse.

We saw that quick spec of a second plane slam into the other tower. All we could do was hold our breath and watch. I don’t remember the ride to school, but I do recall watching the continued coverage until finally it became too much for us. We were on the other side of the continent, and very few of us had any direct connection to the event, but we all felt the pain and we all grieved.

The pain went away for me, but it still lingers with others. Some refuse to forget. Many continue to fight a war. Meanwhile my focus has expanded no further than the battle of Graduation vs. Curtis. In a way it’s sad to see where my priorities are, but at the same time I’m grateful that my greatest amount of attention is only being devoted/wasted on two mainstream rap artists that I don’t really follow. Just so you know, I’ve taken the side of Mr. West because you can’t go wrong with Daft Punk, Chris Martin and Steely Dan as allies.

September 10, 2007


This is just a little project a friend wanted me to do. She needed a t-shirt design for the Justin Timberlake concert so I grunted hard and out this came.